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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~~LR tutorial:Timbulkan kesan gelap pada kayu (simple edition)

salam pujangga geng!!hm ni juz very simple method la..xpe..bia sket2 kite blaja lame2 jd bukitkn..so kli ni aku nk ajo camne nk idupkan suasane kayu..ramai xtau yg objek kayu tu satu seni yg cantik..so walaupon korg juz bergambar macm ni..background kayu,,nmun ttp cooll..hehe,,so ni carenye,,njoy..try it your self geng~~

1 -- poto asal
ok..korg tgk background aku tuh..pic ni nmpk spoil+biasa.

2 --
now..let start with no. 1 (graduated filter)..then following no. 2..u juz click at any part u want with attract ur mouse..its up to u how much space u wanted to do

3 --
after dat,,see no.3..adjust the button..(up to u)..n lastly clicl button close(no.4)

4 --
this is example for you..u can use the same direction like photo no.3(upside)..make it on ur own creativity with others angle..

5 --
ok this is another method for make it easy to free hand

6 --

7 -- siap(without using any presets)
hmm..looking little "nyawa" on this pic rite..so thx for reading..n i'll you soon..with next tutorial..

*mcm ni la..nk lbh phm..youtube kn ade..ngee~~


miss nana said...


teh o ais milo said...

@miss nana
thx miss..juz fill my bored time..he~~

muzz aliyas said...

using CS5 ...better quality..huhu

teh o ais milo said...

muzz,,ape agi mai a wat tutorial..bley aku blaja skali..hehehe~~

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